View Full Version : Hill Avenue Roadworks...FAIL!

03-Jul-09, 21:02
Has anyone else seen the fantastic new layer of tar that has been put down on Hill Avenue?, there were signs up warning people not to park there because work was going to be done, but some divot still did, so rather than having the car towed away, the council just tarred around it, the car was still parked in it this morning and it does look rather comedic...a definate Fail!, someone should get a good pic of it and submit it to 'Fail Blog' :D


03-Jul-09, 21:15
had to laugh when i saw the space left un-tared,as signs where put up days before not to park in street on day when road as to be tared,

03-Jul-09, 21:16
Was the person on holiday or away on business?

03-Jul-09, 21:21
Was the person on holiday or away on business?

No idea, but the car that was parked in it around lunchtime today was moved this evening, but you would have thought that the council would have just had the car towed rather than tar around it.

03-Jul-09, 21:24
On holiday. Signs were only put up a couple of days before hand, so they weren't to know. Its very comical though!:lol:

03-Jul-09, 21:28
i believe they were away on holiday.and the signs were only put up on the wednesday and the road was tarred the next day.

03-Jul-09, 22:06
It reminds me of the story where workers were putting down yellow lines and moved a car, replaced it then the traffic warden came along and towed it away. Full story here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1189191/Workers-lifted-car-painted-yellow-lines--wardens-came-towed-away.html??85

I'm trying to find the pic of council workers painting yellow lines on a car!

Stack Rock
03-Jul-09, 22:18
I noticed that the 'council' didn't actually resurface this road. This was done by a contractor on their behalf. So perhaps the 'council' were completely unaware of the parked car..

03-Jul-09, 22:27
Same thing happened to a car parked on Bayview Terrace, Thurso when it was tar sprayed this week. Loved the white writing at the end of the road "not done yet, back tomorrow".