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03-Jul-09, 16:26
Today I found a very small Kitten dumped by the side of the Mey to John O'Groats road. I hope the person who dumped it there reads this post and feels suitably ashamed.

03-Jul-09, 16:35
Thats terrible. There is no need to do that. Especially when there are always people that want kittens
Poor little thing. I hope its ok.

Good on you for taking it. I would've done exactly the same

03-Jul-09, 16:36
I take it you've done a bit of detective work to ascertain it has been dumped instead of perhaps escaping from it's owners house or being a feral stray?

05-Jul-09, 23:05
what colour is it as i know someone thats lost kittens i that area they lost black and white and a blue

06-Jul-09, 15:26
Thats awful if its true that someone abandoned them and it hasn't just ran away.

My mum found three kittens who were abandoned by their mother at only a week old. Her friend told her to put them to balmore but mum kept them and feed them and she now has three kittens who will be gorgeous adult cats and are simply hilarious to watch. It was touch and go as to whether or not they would live. One of them is the same colour as my queen and another one is chocolate brown both rare colours in moggies.