View Full Version : Missing Cat

02-Jul-09, 21:14
Cat missing from Murray Avenue, Wick - last seen on Tuesday night 30/06/09.
She is about 4 yrs old, is quite small, black and white and looks like the cat from the Felix advert - her name is Felix. She is a really friendly cat and does not normally wander far.
Please let us know if you see her - 01955 606992

02-Jul-09, 22:35
Hope Felix comes home safe....might just be the fine weather that has spurned her to have a wee adventure........Keep her in your mind and she will pick up on it....

05-Jul-09, 12:15
Felix returned home this morning looks ok but really hungry!!:lol:

05-Jul-09, 12:20
So glad to hear your 'good news' and Felix has come home..............hot and hungry and needing her tlc..............happy for you.:)

05-Jul-09, 13:01
That is such great news!