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02-Jul-09, 17:19
How are all your pets coping with this hot weather?

Poor Benjy has such a thick coat that he gets really hot.:(

So the fans are on full blast and I got him a collar which you soak in cold water and this helps cool him down when on walks but he won't wear it in the house the wee rascal.

I did take a couple of pet mats home from Ebay which you soak in water but he won't lie on them!:roll:

I have bought a different one to see if he will lie on this.

It must be difficult for folk who have rabbits in hutches I would imagine?

02-Jul-09, 17:50
I didnt clip our beardie but didnt think it was going to be this hot.
He seems to feel the heat moreso than our black collie,she loves the heat and I.m convinced she was a cat in a previous life.:roll:

I soak them with the hose probably 3 or 4 times a day.
They have a swim in the sea early morning and a swim in the river in the evening.

Still too hot even after the thunderstorm.:(

02-Jul-09, 17:52
The bunnies are in a shady area of the garden with a big water bottle filled twice daily and are ok!
Lauren hasnt seen them yet as they were delivered on tuesday night after she went to grannies so will be a big surprise tommorrow night!

Poppy dog has taken to lying in my bedroom as I have not opened my curtains (shock horror what will the neighbours think) to keep the bedroom cool. She is loving the icecubes in her water bowl and dips in water too.

Frodo the cat ... who knows...he disappears only coming back to be fed as normal:lol:

The fish tank is greening up faster than normal and needs scrubbed but Im waiting for hubby to come home to help with the water changing and filter cleaning!

02-Jul-09, 17:55
Hi Liz, 'Diesel' and 'Skye' have found a way to stay cool...if a bit smelly! 3 times this afternoon I found them sitting in the pond!!! Well if it keeps them cool I'll put up with the pong! [lol]:roll:

02-Jul-09, 19:04
MY tarantula and bearded dragon are both coping very well :lol:

02-Jul-09, 19:14
this morning, bubs went swimming for an hour in the sea.. that little beach beside the lighthouse is the best! then weve had the pool out allday.. (which she burst tonnight) then just kept loads of water around... and the hose pipe is great fun.. as she can cool off, drink and get clean all at once!

02-Jul-09, 19:16
Glad to hear that all you are finding ways to keep your pets cool.

Or finding their own way as in your case Jovi. :lol:

02-Jul-09, 19:27
Well I've just found Suzy my cat lying on the fleecy vet bed!lol

02-Jul-09, 22:37
My old girls have coped surprisingly well.......they just took root in the sitting room, where it is always cool....I've had to climb over them every time I came in............................:roll: