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30-Jun-09, 20:30
as a matter of interest does anyone use the ais liverpool site to track shipping and ferries etc ?? the whole format seems to have changed in the last couple of days tony

Les McBeath
30-Jun-09, 20:51
they have been running the old version and a new version side by side for a while now, over the weekend the old version was shut down and left the new version for everybody to use. I think the maps have been updated and are a bit clearer to see altho' I don't think it is as easy to move from one map to another in the new version, the history and traffic functions still work pretty much the same way as before and the photo gallery and forums have not changed as far as I can see.
hope this helps

30-Jun-09, 20:54
look at the whole time really good to see whats passing by also helps keep track when my sons away. have you the world wide ais

30-Jun-09, 21:02
I use this to keep track of OH when he is away.

30-Jun-09, 22:06
Use the AIS site nearly every day. I noticed the change this weekend and I have to say that I preferred the older version. I could be wrong but there seems to be less mapping options on the new one. For some reason I was also having a compatability problem too although it seems to have sorted itself out now.

30-Jun-09, 22:19
Use it very often - must keep an eye on the ferries and what is passing up the Minch - or maybe I am just nosey!!

01-Jul-09, 12:39
it works after a fashion but much preferred the old format
was more simple if your not bright [lol] tony

01-Jul-09, 14:38
and I thought you were my bright shinning star.