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29-Jun-09, 19:07
We are just back from a few days at Sango Sands in Durness. Having seen a thread on the org about the Cocoa Mountain we went to Balnakeil. Found the "Bistro" and liked the menu so booked for dinner on the Saturday night. It was all freshly cooked, but worth the wait. So good infact we went back the following night to try something else. Lots of crafty stuff too and surprisingly not overpriced.

Spar shoppie had hot fresh baked french sticks on Saturday which we used to mop up some Loch Eribol hot smoked salmon for lunch.

Well worth the day trip if you don`t fancy staying. Just mind the sheep, they know they own the road!!

29-Jun-09, 19:59
Nice beaches too, especially Balnakeil.

30-Jun-09, 21:31
Hope you had your cup of hot chocolate at Cocoa Mountain, like I previously recommended. :Razz

30-Jun-09, 23:17
When we went to cocoa mountain the guy had just invented truffles flavoured with ginger and cinnamon. Had a taste and couldn`t bring myself to spoil the tasts, so will be "forced" to return soon for the liquid variety.