View Full Version : Black Entertainment Awards........

29-Jun-09, 09:58
Was just listening to the news about Michael Jackson being honoured at yesterdays Black Entertainment Awards....... Maybe stirring up a hornets nest here, but isn't a Black Entertainment Award just a little bit (or maybe a lot) discriminatory?

What hell would break loose if there was a White Entertainment Awards???

Another case of reverse disctimination. Seems that Blacks, minority groups and all can do what they want, but whites have to be 'all encompasing'. Now, I believe that 'all-encompasing', multi-culturalism and equality is the best for everyone; Wouldn't it be better if those who most claimed to be discriminated against also held these equality values, and not just for themselves.....

29-Jun-09, 10:43
Hundred/thousands of years of discrimination/prejudice do no pass because a law is written. Positive actions such as these are just that. Positive. Not negative to other groups or genders. Just positive to the gender they are reflecting. Would a cat be discriminated against for not being allowed in a Canine competition. Are men discriminated against because they can't go in the ladies loo? Is limiting a writing competion to under 12's agest? Does not allowing the sale of drink or cigarettes to underages impinge on their personal liberties and rights?
It is a positive action which allow youngsters to have a focus for their role models.