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29-Jun-09, 08:51
I religiously watched this program every Sunday. But was quite disappointed in the end. Why did they not make a copy of the all important disk or at least save it on a computer - and why did the bad guys accept so readily that they had the correct disk and that no copies had been made? Or did I miss something?
Also I thought the girls who were being trafficked came from the eastern Europe - but the murdered prostitute's sister was trying to take her home to Denmark. I did fall asleep at some point during the first episode so maybe missed something else.

Loch not Lock
29-Jun-09, 11:39
I really enjoyed Proof but I agree with you, Katarina, that the last episode was disappointing and had lots of annoying faults. Over and over in my head I kept thinking why these professional journalists did not make CD copy. That spoilt the whole programme.
Also why would a dodgy brothel owner give 25 million to a political party? OK these establishments make a lot of money but surely not that much in a small country like Ireland and why would the crook give away all his illegal profits?:confused