View Full Version : Yes Man

28-Jun-09, 19:55
I just watched this film on DVD and it is really funny and would highly recommend it.

It stars Jim Carrey and his character has to say Yes to everything following a seminar he attends.

I have to say I sometimes find Jim Carrey's 'rubber face' (as in Ace Ventura) a bit annoying but he is in top form in this film.
Many laugh out loud moments.:lol:

28-Jun-09, 20:39
It's a great film, i recommend it to anyone aswell.

28-Jun-09, 22:22
Glad you enjoyed it as well.:D

Did you see the cameo of Danny Wallace who wrote the book?

It was really funny but quite thought provoking as well don't you think?

Tilly Teckel
29-Jun-09, 12:39
I thought it was Danny Wallace I spotted in the bar scene! Excellent film - watched it with my 11 year son and it was even appropriate (just!) and funny for him.

29-Jun-09, 13:30
Yes he was drinking at the bar.:D

It was a good family film apart from 'that' scene:lol: but even it wasn't too bad?