View Full Version : Pentland Hotel Thurso

footie chick
17-Mar-06, 17:27
Just been to Pentland Hotel they do the best panini & chips. Loads of different fillings. Lovely comfy seats could sit there all day.

20-Mar-06, 14:10
the pentland is definitely the best for food. it is very consistant but also value for money.

23-Jul-06, 23:02
Have to say yeh the food here is good, but they are bery sneaky aswell, we had our wedding there not to long ago, and they cosistantly dont tell you things are going to be added to the bill, and they say never to asume, but when they are pro activly offering things and dont advise there is costs, what would you think, and considering you are paying enough in the first place???? wont reccomend having a function there

12-Sep-06, 15:22
Sorry, would have to disagree. We had our wedding there a few weeks ago and the service was wonderful - lovely food and got a pleasant surprise when the bill came in. We were treated like royalty! Even took our breakfast up to the room in the morning!