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28-Jun-09, 10:03
I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good outdoor wooden play centre? I have seen lots of great looking ones on the internet but would rather have a recommendation from someone before spending alot of money and it arriving and not being very good!

Looking for a fairly large one with swings, slide, climbing wall if possible.
Thanks in advance

mums angels
28-Jun-09, 18:44
We got ours from this site a few years ago and have had good experience with the company and the kids love the centre.they do all sorts of ones at link below

we chose this one as it had same name as our kind of house .


29-Jun-09, 14:36
www.timberline.co.uk (http://www.timberline.co.uk)
They have a great selection. Havent used them but the quality looks good. Bower playgroup have just had a play garden done, not sure which company they used but might be worth asking them. Their garden is at the back of the community centre so you could have a look.

30-Jun-09, 16:01
many thanks for recommendations - i am having alot of fun looking at both websites and trying to make a decision - think i am more excited than the kids! Going to order one in July hopefully