View Full Version : harbour fest photos for you

27-Jun-09, 15:43
took some pics today... will add a few more later hope you enjoy...

peedie man
27-Jun-09, 16:32
very good photos Brandy

Margaret M.
27-Jun-09, 18:02
Great shots, Brandy, it's lovely to see so much activity around the harbour. Looks like the boys had a good time.

27-Jun-09, 18:11
Great photo's Brandy.Very clear too.

27-Jun-09, 18:16
was browned off when i went to take a few shots of the donkeys my stupid camera broke down , the bairns were having a ball [lol] tony

27-Jun-09, 21:29
Thank you Brandy, great pictures,,,,,,,,two little chaps appeared to be having a great time as well!

27-Jun-09, 21:35
we had a really good time today.. kids had a blast.. just sitting down and eating a few strawberries we bought today at the harbour... YUMMY
i kept on freaking that ben would fall off a boat but other than that it was fun all aound!

27-Jun-09, 21:38
A great day and the weather was so good, fantastic day by all accounts and your photos are good Brandy.