View Full Version : Barrock Small Plant Hire - Donald W MacDonald

27-Jun-09, 14:01
These guys worked really hard to whip my garden back into shape. Had to have paving redone following the digging of a trench to move my oil tank, and also needed my lawn levelled out because it had a great many dips in it - some were so deep that they became mini ponds after any rain.

They repaired my paving in such a way that, once it has weathered down, you will never know it had been repaired - it matches in so well with the rest of the paving.

They have levelled my lawn using top soil and have re-seeded it. Just waiting for the seed to start sprouting. :D

These chaps turn up early and keep working throughout. No stopping to admire their work every five minutes, no stopping for tea at the slightest opportunity. All in all, I'm really pleased with the result and with their friendly, helpful attitude.

Would definitely recommend them for hard landscaping and heavy garden work that you may feel unable to tackle yourself. :D