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27-Jun-09, 13:07
have moved into a new house couple months ago.outside is a caravan that has just sat there taking up a valuble parking space,an were we moved to parking can b scarce sumtimes.so my question is ,is that aloud ,did get told it wasnt .

27-Jun-09, 20:40
If it's taking up a space that is considered part of the public highway then it's illegal because it's not taxed, although the authorities may turn a blind eye if it's only there temporarily. To be legal it has to be hitched to a taxed vehicle.

27-Jun-09, 21:33
it can make quite a difference if you rented the house or bought it tony

28-Jun-09, 02:09
You have to get planning permission to park a caravan, even in a cul de sac road.

28-Jun-09, 02:25
Are you trying to tell me that everyone with a touring caravan needs planning permission to park it up, I don't think so. Unless it is a static van, because they are not permanent items ie it can be easily moved, planning permission is not required. Also, a caravan can't be issued with a road fund licence, it is not a vehicle, therefore it is not illegal to park it on the street.

Alice in Blunderland
28-Jun-09, 08:08
From a website with info on this very subject:

'There is a common misunderstanding that caravans and trailers should be attached to a vehicle whilst parked on the public highway’ this is not the case. There is also no legal requirement for either to be attached to a vehicle.

There are specific offences relating to nuisance and obstruction under Regulation 103 of the Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986, including the offence of unnecessary obstruction. This states that no person in charge of a motor vehicle or trailer shall cause or permit the vehicle to stand on a road so as to cause any unnecessary obstruction of the road. Only the Police can enforce this and make the decision as to whether a trailer or caravan is causing an unnecessary obstruction. The outcome of each investigation will depend upon many factors, such as the size of the trailer or caravan, the type of road, its position in the road and the use of the road.'

I dont know if this is right or wrong but yor question did make me wonder what the answer was so I had a wee google.

28-Jun-09, 08:51
My caravan is parked outside my house just now. I contacted the police to ask if its ok to be there and they told me as long as it was parked correctly (IE not in the middle of the road) and not obstructing traffic then there was no problem as it is no different than parking a trailer outside your home.
but i would advise anyone in this situation to be curtious to your neibhour.