View Full Version : Dead otter at Sibster

26-Jun-09, 23:22
On Tuesday morning I was horseriding along the Sibster road, just past the Reiss village turn-off, heading towards Watten direction and saw something on the grass verge. On closer inspection I discovered it was a dead otter. I was really shocked to see it. I've never seen an otter close-up before in my life and now my first sighting is of one dead! :~( Poor thing. I wonder what it was doing so far from water? Wick River is near-ish but didn't realize they'd stray so far from water. :confused

27-Jun-09, 03:19
Any indication of how it had died? Run down by car etc.?:(

29-Jun-09, 22:03
I'd imagine it had been hit by a car and managed to crawl to the verge before it died. It certainly wasn't flattened but since it was so close to the road I'd imagine that must have been how it had died - poor thing.. :~(