View Full Version : Wednesday night music in the comm

25-Jun-09, 13:31
I just wanted to say what a brilliant night I had in the Comm last night - the musicians were excellent!! I've not been to the Comm on a Wednesday night for ages but i would recommend it to anyone :D There was 3 or 4 fiddlers, banjo, guitar, penny whistle, accordion, ukulele, irish (i think) bag pipes and more. The music was fantastic, i'll definitely be going again soon! :Razz

27-Jun-09, 02:51
I miss wednesdays in the Comm I used to go all the time. Sometimes there was hardly anyone in the audience. The players always played well.
I'm working in Mexico for a year but looking forward to coming back.

27-Jun-09, 03:17
There is no such thing as an audience in the Comm!
There are regulars and punters and visitors.
I used to go to the Comm every Wed night from when the music nights started up to before the smoking ban.
I still go when the mood takes me, albeit pretty rarely these days.
I've never seen it when there was "hardly anyone there"!:confused