View Full Version : Caithness Moths - Purple Bar

25-Jun-09, 00:45
On first site the bar across the wings of this moth appears black but closer examination reveals an intricate pattern of silky purples and black. It occurs in a wide range of habitats including sand dunes where it can sometimes be disturbed during the day. On the wing in Caithness now and into July.


lynne duncan
26-Jun-09, 08:15
is this about half the size of the golden y that we found the other day, i went out last night about 1130 round the garden and was amazed at the moths that were out, again never really looked for them, but am sure i found one of these, tried photographing it but it didn't really come out that well

26-Jun-09, 09:14
Hi Lynne

There is a close relative to Purple Bar called Silver-ground Carpet which is very common at the momment and flying in large numbers at dusk around the time you were out in the garden. I counted over 100 in my garden the other night. It is quite variable but I have one in the trap from last night so later on I will photograph it and put it up on the forum for you to see and compare with Purple Bar.