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Kevin Milkins
24-Jun-09, 21:46

My sons red Labrador is about ten years old now and is looking and feeling the effects of advanced age.:( Because my son feels that our two grandchildren should experience childhood with always having a pet about the house he has just bought a Labradoodle puppy.

As you can imagine there is a lot of excitement in the household waiting for there new pet to be old enough to leave its mother and siblings and come home with them.

The purpose of this post is to say what a great idea the breeder is using to incorporate new technology into his business by having a web cam on the mother and pups so they can log on at any time and see how the newcomer to the household is progressing.

http://gaillaurence.blogspot.com/ (http://gaillaurence.blogspot.com/)

What a great idea.:Razz

24-Jun-09, 21:53
awww another labradoodle for caithness. did it come with the special warning labradoodles own you not the other way round but ohh they bring soo much luv and madness. please post some photos once it arrives. heres my boy

http://img55.imageshack.us/img55/5657/0011c.jpg (http://img55.imageshack.us/i/0011c.jpg/)http://img55.imageshack.us/img55/0011c.jpg/1/w800.png (http://g.imageshack.us/img55/0011c.jpg/1/)

Kevin Milkins
24-Jun-09, 21:57
He looks a smasher Annie.

I am afraid this one is in Exeter and not Caithness, but I am sure he will be up to visit some time.:Razz

Love your photos by the way and keep them coming.

24-Jun-09, 22:09
dont be lied to ... they are horrible thives, masters of destruction, can eat anything, will walk you... have boundless energy... will never give you peace...
will love you unconditionally, will always be by your side, will give you hours of cuddles, will lick you to death, will beat you near death with their whip like tails, are to clever for their own good, are to stupid to survive without help *grins* will look at you with the biggest heart filled i love you eyes you have ever seen.. will sing with you, talk to you... (really talk to you) guard you when your in the shower, when the horrible deliverman or mail man comes!
they are the biggest most stupid dog to ever breathe.. and clumsy and high paw'd
will knock you over just to say hello..
they love children, but dont think they could eat a whole one! but could lick them to death!
often find them digging in the garden, running off cliffs, swimming out to sea....
but all in all.....the greatest giver of joy, happiness and unconditional love i have ever seen.

24-Jun-09, 22:26
ohh brandy :D :D :D I TOTALLY AGREE

Kevin Milkins
24-Jun-09, 22:42
Thanks for that brandy, I am not sure if I will be pleased:Razz or scared:eek: when they come to visit.lol

The bitch they have bought is named Raven and is the one with the pink coller in the photo having a kiss off mum.

24-Jun-09, 23:01
baby bubbles sucking a dummy
posh bubbles all lovley for fotos
and cheeky.. look at my toy bubbles

24-Jun-09, 23:07
yay, more doodles! tell your son he's chosen a great breed of dog - I would have another tomorrow if allowed, thankfully I'm not :lol: 3 doodles would be just madness!

here's a good site all about labradoodles (http://www.labradoodletrust.com/index.html) that might be of interest to your son and it also features my boys on the Exercise Requirements, Getting a 2nd dog and Why not to Breed links not sure about the last one tho!!!

24-Jun-09, 23:15
what are you saying! one doodle is madness... whats one more?

Kevin Milkins
16-Jul-09, 00:44
My son has just got his new family member home tonight and she looks a smasher. They have named her Raven.


16-Jul-09, 09:26
Awwww..just gorgeous!!!love her name.:D

16-Jul-09, 10:23
she is lovely Kevin - I saw a thread from her breeder on a doodle forum that I am a member of - they all look a lovely bundle of fun :D

16-Jul-09, 11:42
What a brilliant name for your familys new addition,she looks a smasher.:D

16-Jul-09, 12:16
Awe what a pretty doodle and a beautiful name........no doubt she will live up to her name at times and take flight as she runs and plays..............:)

Kevin Milkins
20-Jul-09, 23:36
Thanks everyone for your input, it would seem these Doodle's are the in dog and I am looking foward to meeting Raven. I had a few photo's come up the spout today.

Raven and Jez sizing each other up.lol

OK, I'll be your freind.

It's been a tough day


21-Jul-09, 00:26
Thes pics are so beautiful...Little Raven is such a pretty wee soul sitting there beside Jez. I am sure they will become inseparable....a lovely pair and so cute.

21-Jul-09, 10:47
ahhh..they are both lovely.:D