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24-Jun-09, 19:10
Yesterday I had my first strawberries of this year from Halkirk, what a treat they were.
I've been buying supermarket strawbs since the UK ones came in and they have been okay but I have to say the Halkirk ones are the Rolls Royce of Strawberries; such quality, and they are grown here in Caithness!!

24-Jun-09, 19:20
Where do you buy them from ?

24-Jun-09, 19:31
Last season Mackay butcher and Bews butchers, both in Thurso. They were delicious!!

24-Jun-09, 20:51
can you buy them in Wick anywhere??

24-Jun-09, 20:58
not sure about shops that might stock her produce but she has a stall at the market on a Saturday if that helps any

24-Jun-09, 21:25
yes that helps, but where is the market ?

footie chick
24-Jun-09, 22:03
yes that helps, but where is the market ?

In the Market Square.

24-Jun-09, 23:24
dadadum.. *G* its in the town center on a sat. morning... ate the first ripe strawberry from my plants the other day.. yum.. something special when you grow it yourself!

25-Jun-09, 08:45
I have 2 strawberry plants with just a few growing on one of them. Would like to try the Halkirk ones they sound nice will be taking a trip to the stall this saturday!:D

25-Jun-09, 10:35
dadadum.. *G* its in the town center on a sat. morning...

I take it we are talking about Wick ?

25-Jun-09, 11:25
Wick have the market, Thurso uses the butchers shops as speciality outlets.

25-Jun-09, 12:26
How come Thurso doesn't have a market?
Was there one in the past ?

25-Jun-09, 17:02
You can buy them in the Halkirk Spar

01-Jul-09, 22:19
Fish bowl in Thurso had raspberries and strawberries for sale from Halkirk