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23-Jun-09, 19:31
Has anyone any idea how to find the ply of 'named' and no longer made wools? I have found a pattern I would love to knit but the ply of the yard isn't given. I know the needle size gives some idea but I really need to have a better idea before I go and buy a lot of stuff.


23-Jun-09, 21:09
Have a look to see what size needles used, and compare it to other patterns.

24-Jun-09, 12:40
why not try the reel thing they should be able to help you

24-Jun-09, 15:35
What are the needle sizes? What is the yarn called? What kind of garment is the pattern for? Like heather says you could take the pattern to the wool shop - they should be able to assist!

06-Jul-09, 16:09
have you tried the yarn lovers page, is very good for all types of yarn comparisons

Birdie Wife
08-Jul-09, 14:01
Register on ravelry.com, they have comprehensive notes on just about any yarn you can get your hands on. It's free to register but really popular so there's a waiting time of around 3-4 days to be able to access the site. Can't recommend it highly enough as a resource for any knitters/crocheters anywhere :D:D

13-Jul-09, 21:00
If the wool is 4 ply you will need size 3 1/4 mm and 2 3/4mm or old size 10 and 12 needles.

If the wool is 3 ply you will need 2 3/4 mm and 3mm or old size 12 and 11 needles.

If the wool is 2 ply you will need 3mm and 2mm or old size 11 and 14 needles.

Hope this of some help to you.


20-Oct-09, 18:08
Completely forgot I had posted this and was about to post again how silly of me. Thanks for the information.

Birdie Wife
21-Oct-09, 14:18
Hi veekay,

I've just found out about a new website called Knitting Brain (http://www.knittingbrain.com/yarns.php)- it has lots of info on yarn substitution and a calculator that lets you work out how many balls of a subsitute yarn you need! Whizzy or what!