View Full Version : Acer Aspire 1 wireless connectivity

squashed frog
23-Jun-09, 08:49
Anybody help here?
I have just purchased an ACER aspire 1 netbook running windows XP for one of the kids.
It will connect to my U.S robotics USR9110 wireless router no problem with the wireless security turned of but refuses to connect when the routers WPA security is enabled.
I put the pass key into the netbook but still refuses to connect to the router???
Any other ideas as its for a birthday present next week and I don't want to leave the security off on my wireless router.

23-Jun-09, 09:06
What settings are on the laptop for WPA (all of them excluding the password of course)?

squashed frog
23-Jun-09, 09:16
Network authentication: WPA-P SK
Data encryption: TKIP

Seems as if it is trying to connect and gets to teh stage of acquring network address then just fails to connect

23-Jun-09, 09:29
Can it see the network when it's encrypted (ie. does it come up as a found network that is secured)?

How far away are you from the router when you are trying to connect?

squashed frog
23-Jun-09, 10:19
Sitting right nest to the router and yes it does see it no problems, full strength

23-Jun-09, 10:57
When you double-click the wireless network that it finds and are presented with the key, you enter the key and then does it connect to the network (forget about the IP address just now) okay? The adapter may say 'limited connection' but the actual wireless network connection is what I'm looking for.

squashed frog
23-Jun-09, 11:28
Managed to get it connected eventually, rebooted it to check that it would connect again and it didn't!!!

It is definately connecting to the router.

Further update,
It is connecting but not every time. Blnking frustrating, it's connected it to the router at the moment with the WPA security enabled and on the internet no problem???