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21-Jun-09, 23:59
Can i get scratching strips to put on a carpet?

My cats are scratching the same part in the carpet and its beginning to really annoy me and i want them to stop before they damage the carpet.

22-Jun-09, 13:03
Have you got any off cuts of carpet? If so put some down in the same place and see if they still scratch on there. If they go somewhere else to scratch - my idea is less cunning that at first thought :rolleyes:

22-Jun-09, 20:55
Double sided tape?
They hate it!
Might make them move to another part though and the carpet might end up more tape than carpet!
And every time you catch them put them on the scratching post and scratch it with their paws until they get the idea:lol:

22-Jun-09, 21:50
Have moved the cat scratcher in the place they are attacking. Hopefully they will leave the carpet be now. If not i'm not sure of what to do but soak them constantly with the water pistol.:roll:
they both have deep respect for the water pistol.....:lol:

23-Jun-09, 07:43
Pets at Home sell stick on scratching strips.

23-Jun-09, 12:39
Ahh do what u can as soon as possible! or u will end up with carpets like mine!!

I have had Fintan lock me out the livinroom, he clawed the carpet so much that he lifted it and i couldna get the door open.

I have holes in my carpet at the doors because of him clawing at it. It is so annoying!

But i refuse to buy new carpet just now cos athrun throws food everywhere! lol

23-Jun-09, 23:04
wooden floor is the answer lol but serousily i know how annoying it is mine used to go for the stair carpet when we had carpet don xw

24-Jun-09, 03:55
Put pepper down on the areas of interest...that'll soon stop it!:)