View Full Version : grey cat

lynne duncan
21-Jun-09, 21:59
hi our smokey grey cat has been missing since last night, not long i know but he is usually always in for breakfast and dinner, we stay at 9 broadhaven road in wick , if anyone in his area has seen a big grey cat, could you give me a pm, hopefully with the good weather he'll be back soon
he is microchipped

21-Jun-09, 22:03
Does he wear a collar ? Hope he turns up soon :)

21-Jun-09, 22:17
It's started to rain so he may get fed up and return soon.....he'll be hungry I'm sure.

lynne duncan
22-Jun-09, 22:04
he's back, smokey turned up for dinner tonight, think he had been huffing about lack of attention at the weekend (maybe) but he's back and we're all very happy!!!

22-Jun-09, 22:31
That's great news Lynne.:D

It's always a worry when a cat doesn't come home as usual.