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21-Jun-09, 17:08
Lybster Community Gala Rabbit Show
Lybster Community Hall, Lybster Saturday 4th July 2009 Rosette Show. .Entry 1.50 per exhibit Entries Close Sunday 28th June.
Judge Dave G Sim To Enter tel 01847892236 or E-Mail caithnessrabbitfanciersassociation@hotmail.co.uk (caithnessrabbitfanciersassociation@hotmail.co.uk)


Fancy Fur

1 Dutch Black 26 Chinchilla
2 Dutch AOC 27 Silver Fox Blk
3 Tan AC 28 Silver Fox AOC
4 Himalayan Black 29 Hustlander
5 Himalayan AOC 30 Argente AVC
6 Polish REW 31 Beveren AC
7 Polish Sable 32 Sable AC
8 Polish AOC 33 N Z White
9 N Dwarf AC 34 Continental Giant AC
10 Silver AC 35 Smoke pearl
11 Belgian Hare 36 AOV Fur
12 Lionhead Self 37 Fur Challenge
13 Lionhead non-self 38 Junior Fur Challenge AA
14 Magpie / Harlequin Rex
15 AOV Fancy 39 Ermine Rex
16 Fancy Challenge 40 Black Rex
17 Junior Fancy Challenge AA 41 Chin Rex
Lop 42 Castor Rex

18 Mini Lop Self 43 Fawn Rex
19 Mini Lop non-self 44 Orange Rex
20 Dwarf Lop Self 45 AOC Rex
21 Dwarf Lop non-self 46 Mini Rex AC
22 AOV Lop self 47 Rex Challenge
23 AOV Lop non-self 48 Junior Rex Challenge AA
24 Lop Challenge 49 Grand Challenge
25 Junior Lop Challenge AA 50 Junior Grand Challenge AA

All animals are entered at the owners’ own risk. The club accepts no responsibility
All exhibits MUST have a WATER BOTTLE. IT IS THE LAW

Pet Rabbit and Guinea Pig Show
Entry fee 1.50 per exhibit
Classification of rabbit entry.

Do not worry if you are not sure which class your rabbit comes under just give me a call and I will figure it out J You must enter one of these classes to enter the novelty
Novelty Classes 20p per class entry

Rabbit Judge would most like to take home
Rabbit with Cutest Face
Most unusual Rabbit
Best-presented rabbit
Prettiest Doe
Handsomest Buck
Cheekiest Rabbit
Friendliest Rabbit
Classification of Guinea pig entry Pets

Short Coated Cavy
Medium Coated Cavy
Long Coated Cavy
BIS Cavy Challenge
Novelty Classes 20p per class entry

Wheekiest Cavy
Best-presented Cavy
Cutest Cavy
Friendliest Cavy
Cavy Judge would most like to take home.

All animals must have a water bottle.
All animals are entered at the owners’ own risk. The club accepts no responsibility

21-Jun-09, 17:12
open classes keep running together but I hope you can understand it :lol:

28-Jun-09, 14:54
Entries close tonight, so still plenty of time to enter, and support Lybster Gala.