View Full Version : today in the garden

21-Jun-09, 15:22
Fun had by everyone today all thats needed was 1 fenced large Garden 1 Agility set & some friends and not forgetting lots of Dogs ! which i mainly supplyed in between sessions and lots of fun had by all ! :)

21-Jun-09, 15:33
More photo's ( the lab Zac and Sasha german sheperd ) get on really well considering the owners of these dogs were told by a so called dog trainer in caithness not to have them together as they don't like each other ! we had no problems we had over 12 dogs in the garden 9 were mine ! :)

21-Jun-09, 15:48
Here's the photo's hopefully i'll be able to get some more on of them jumping !

21-Jun-09, 18:05
What lovely photos of some beautiful dogs.

Bet they had great fun!:lol:

22-Jun-09, 17:52
:)Thanks !, i have more photo's but having trouble getting them on here thou !

22-Jun-09, 19:07
Do you use Photobucket? I find this the easiest ways to upload photos.:D

22-Jun-09, 20:39
i'll have a look for that thanks :)

Tilly Teckel
22-Jun-09, 21:11
Looks like loads of fun! I'd love to give my dogs a go at an agility course - are you planning on making it a regular event?

23-Jun-09, 17:46
not really a regular event as there is already a Agility group with Caithness Canine Club in Halkirk on wed nights at the indoor school they have far more stuff than what my friend has !
Thou among friends was good fun ! :) then we went for a wee walk after words

Tilly Teckel
23-Jun-09, 20:35
Might check out the agility group when I move up. I have 3 Lurchers , 1 Whippet and 2 Wire-haired Dachshunds. Of all of them I think the Daxies would enjoy it most but not sure they'll be tall enough to get over anything - guess they'll have to cheat and go under!

tracy x
23-Jun-09, 21:54
fantastic - more hounds!
we have six whippets and a deerhound and will also be just down the road from you :)

24-Jun-09, 20:51
I thought i had lots of whippets thou we do breed !
We have 5 whippets 2 lurchers and 2 cirneco dell' etna's imports hounds :)