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20-Jun-09, 20:26
I have a stray that has move in, she was fine but lately she has started looking a bit thiner can anyone help.

20-Jun-09, 20:42
I assume it is a cat, you could worm her, has she possibly had babies?

20-Jun-09, 22:05
yes we worm her and when we moved hear she had babies but when they were old enough the protection people took them for rehoming and they payed for her to be spayed and we took her back she was fine until about 3 weeks ago when we noticed her loosing some weight

20-Jun-09, 23:13
Try giving her kitten food for a wee while to see whether this will 'build her up'. It has more calories.

It may just be that having the kittens has taken it out of her a wee bit.

If this doesn't help then get back in touch with Cats Protection so they can take her to get the Vets to see if anything is matter with her.

21-Jun-09, 17:04
It has been about a year since she had the kittens so i don't think its that and she has been quite chubby that is why i am worried also i don't know her age and she is very friendly.http://forum.caithness.org/picture.php?albumid=58&pictureid=325

21-Jun-09, 17:11
What a bonny looking cat you've got there.I hope you get to the bottom of her weight loss.:(

21-Jun-09, 17:57
Oh she's lovely!

Her coat is nice and shiny which is a good sign as ,usually, when a cat is ill it shows in their coat.

Is she eating all the food put out for her?

I am sure Cats Protection would help if you contact them.

Well done for caring for her. She is one of the lucky ferals.

21-Jun-09, 18:37
The pic was last year but she still has a shiny coat and eats loads, i just looked out the door and her boyfriend has turned up also looking thin, he only comes here now and again, he has a home down the road, i might get the cpl to sort him out aswell (he is a feral also) but he his being fed by someone else (or maybe not) maybe i should ask them first.

21-Jun-09, 18:41
Yes if you could check out whether he is being fed that would be a good idea.

Do they seem okay apart from being thin? Are they actually thin or just thinner?

Some cats do lose weight in the Summer when they are on the go a bit more and then put it back on in the Winter.

21-Jun-09, 19:21
Well she is just thinner but he is thin his head looks to big for his body the lady said she feeds him and other strays.
When i was talking to her about the cat that had kittens she never mentioned that she fed a male cat, i only found out when i said that another cat with no ears had moved here she said that he was a stray she was feeding.

21-Jun-09, 19:31
It is so good of you and your neighbour feed these ferals.

It could just be that they need worming again. They may have quite a worm burden if they are hunting.

Of course if you are concerned about them then give Cats Protection a ring.

21-Jun-09, 19:35
I might try worming him next time he his here she was wormed last week.

21-Jun-09, 22:24
Might be an idea to use a different wormer this time as the little blighters can become immune................:)

22-Jun-09, 09:11
Hi i didn't realise that there was more than one sort for cats and dogs.I have never wormed my dogs they are 13 years old they never had any prob in that department and not being a cat person i don't know about them but i do know that horses do become resistant it just never occured to me that cat would be the same DER.