View Full Version : Castletown Chippy

14-Mar-06, 22:22
I went there tonight. Their fish suppers are definitely the best in the county for me. Nice crisp and light batter(not the chewy stuff that you get in other chippies).

And they have gravy and mushy peas!:p

I then finished them off at the carpark looking out across the bay, great stuff!


15-Mar-06, 18:01
ive been there a few times also, it was very good, only problem was it was so good i could have done with another helping!! :)

Murdina Bug
15-Mar-06, 23:25
You should try the lasagne, it's yummy and it comes with a nice slice of very garlicky bread!

17-Mar-06, 09:46
Thanks to this thread I went to the chippy last night and had the lasagne. It was lovely. Great size portion and lovely taste.

Would also recommend.