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18-Jun-09, 22:37
Hey folks. Unfortunately my rather VERY hairy grey fluffball has a small matt on one of her back legs. Not very big but big enough i noticed when stroking her. Not visible though...Yet.

Anyway, if i take her to vets will they just shave her leg? or other parts?

Also, can i get a CAT's hair cut? I know you can get a dogs but no idea about cats...Pitty whoever has that job. Like trying to get a cat in a bath[lol]

Thanks folks, first time owner. Had my cat a year and a half now, love her.:D (But i think she likes her bowl more than me!!)

19-Jun-09, 01:05
You can have your cat groomed the same as a dog and I am sure the local pet tidyuppers would do this for you. If it is only a smal tat on her back leg would a friend not give you a little help to snip in off.
I think you can buy detangling spray from P@H that helps keep fluffy and long coats knot free.

19-Jun-09, 09:15
Fintan gets terrible knots when his winter coat comes in. But i brush him quite alot. He loves to get brushed. I just have patience and so does he to brush the knots out gently.

Brenon loves the bath. Quite often jumps in when i just come out so there is still water in it. :eek:

19-Jun-09, 10:46
If you choose to cut the mat away yourself, a good tip is to get a metal toothed pet comb between the matt and the skin, and then cut close to the comb on the matt side. Skin can get pulled up into matt's and when you snip, it can leave a suprisingly big wound.

As mentioned before, you will need to start brushing, and keep brushing to ensure no more matt's.

19-Jun-09, 14:13
When we had cats (one was a maine coone which has a long soft coat similar to a ragdoll) the maine coone was all teeth and claws when you took out any matts. To solve the problem we put a cat muzzle on him and taped up his paws with sellotape or masking tape. When you put the tape on the cat's paws fold back the tape a little bit so that it is easier to come off. This was a tip we passed on to the vets as they had never done this before. Hope the above information is helpful. A good dematting comb is another essential.