View Full Version : Brave Little Rabbit

Kevin Milkins
18-Jun-09, 13:51
On the way up the lane from the beech this morning I was confronted by a brave baby rabbit that sat in the lane with a look of defiance about it and looked more than happy to take on a two ton car,lol, untill I gave it a toot on the horn.:eek:

The music is not an edit, it's my radio.lol

http://i296.photobucket.com/albums/mm196/kevinmilkins/th_Rabbit-1.jpg (http://s296.photobucket.com/albums/mm196/kevinmilkins/?action=view&current=Rabbit-1.flv)

18-Jun-09, 14:13
Maybe he was listening to the music Kevin?:lol: (I love that song).

We were out for a walk last night and a got really close to a baby rabbit who was munching away on the grass.

Margaret M.
18-Jun-09, 19:59
Yep, it was just sitting there enjoying the tunes. Cute. When I walked the dogs this morning, I found a turtle that had been run over -- either done on purpose by one of those morons who get their kicks running over animals or by someone was not looking where they were going. It was at a stop sign so the driver should have been going slowly enough to react although I have yet to see a turtle jump out in front of a car.

18-Jun-09, 20:40
hardy little thing he was, lucky it was you, mayby some other driver wouldnt have been so nice.

22-Jun-09, 01:47
His ears were back, he looked frightened, thank goodness you stopped. Was that you singing ha ha.