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14-Mar-06, 18:59
Whenever I use the back button(on caithness.org) I get a message from Firefox to say it has 'encountered a problem' and has to close.
Does anyone know why this is happening?

Also, I am having problems replying to posts and pm's in that I'm not able to type in a reply. I often have to try a few times before I can.

Advice much appreciated.


14-Mar-06, 23:13
Heres a few things to try Liz:

Are you using the latest version of Firefox?? (version 1.5) if not upgrade (http://www.mozilla.com/firefox/central/)

Right-click on firefox icon on quick start, then click properties and add -p after "..../firefox.exe" .

Try running Firefox in Safemode (Start/All programs/Mozilla/Firefox(safe mode) if you still encounter the same problem then it`s possibly an extension that you`ve installed. If so ,uninstall the extentions (tools/extensions).

Unfortunatley there is no "repair" option in Firefox as there is in IE but if worst comes to worst you could uninstall Firefox and then reinstall it.

Hope this is some help.:)

14-Mar-06, 23:24
Many thanks for the advice.

I wonder why this is only happening on caithness.org though?

I am using the latest version of Firefox and haven't' installed any extensions.

16-Mar-06, 14:24
I would try a reinstall of Firefox - that way you can be sure that it is not the browser...Are you still getting the problem?

16-Mar-06, 20:32
It seems ok for now but, if it happens again, I will reinstall Firefox.

Many thanks!:D