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17-Jun-09, 21:33
We are going to the states and Rosie will be 4 and a half this time. Does anyone have any advice on taking a buggy? We used one last year and it was great in the heat and even for long distances at airports but I am just not sure this year would it be worthwhile - ie would she even go in it? Anyone who has been in the same position, your comments would be appreciated.

19-Jun-09, 19:35
i would take a pushchair , when my child was 4/5 we went abroadwith a buggy, proved to be very valuable, we had the freedom in the evenings while bairn was sleeping in buggy.

lynne duncan
20-Jun-09, 17:11
we went to florida when oldest was five and bought a buggy in the first walmart we came to a godsend, she used it all the time, especially adjusting to the heat and on the rare occasion she wasn't in it, it helped to carry our shoulder bag,
when we out there last year the youngest who again was five and the seven year old alternated in using it
and because the price of them was extremely cheap we just left them in the villa for the next residents!!

at the airport we used the luggage trollies as buggies!!!

20-Jun-09, 20:45
Thanks for the advice. I did think that the heat might knock the stuffing out of her, we went in June last year and it was hot enough so August is going to be blistering. Her cousins are 8 and 10 so will be much faster than she is so at least if she is in the buggy she can keep up.
Unfortunately the buggy that I had last year I gave to a friends relative who was over here and had their buggy stolen!!

Will put a wanted on the org and if that doesn't work will try Walmart, they are brilliant stores!!
Thanks again.

20-Jun-09, 20:47
i must be bad cause there no way i would let my 4 year old in a buggy. she has been places where she has had to do a lot of walking. may be it different in the heat tho

20-Jun-09, 21:25
when we were abroad the kids were knackered after being in the pool all day, if we didnt have a buggy we would have spent every evening in our appartment as the kids would be sleeping and we would not have seen any of the entertainment or managed to get to a restaurant. Not my idea of a holiday!

20-Jun-09, 23:31
My youngest was 5 when we went abroad, had been out a buggy for years. The heat was a bit of a shock to his system though, and we ended up with one, it was the best thing we did, walking is hard work for an adult in the heat when you are not used to it, impossible for a child.
Yes, if in doubt get a buggy, (we hired one there) you can always leave it in your room if you find after a few days you dont need it

Alice in Blunderland
21-Jun-09, 21:35
We had a buggy for our two when we went abroad and they were four. They never used a buggy up until the holiday and also after but the heat and walking exhausted them and they used it willingly. We didn't have a buggy but managed to hire one where we went as we didn't think on how tired they would get. :lol:

I would recommend one as well it will save a lot of tears. :)