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17-Jun-09, 18:26
Hi i was wondering if anyone could recommend a good hairdresser please ,it has to be one that will do what you ask (not what they prefer):roll: Also if you could recommend a good place to get my eyebrows wax thanks so much for all the help.:

17-Jun-09, 18:31
For eyebrows, I would recommend Sarah in Headlines 602519. They are pretty good at hair there too. If not try Hair at 21 in Thurso 01847 891777.

17-Jun-09, 21:34
Louise who was at Millbank is excellent for waxing she has just moved to the Park. Her number is 896257 or 07747 440075.

18-Jun-09, 09:49
I recomend Jo at Millbank for hair styling.

18-Jun-09, 20:02
hi thanks for all the help but im not sure were millbank is sorry im pritty new here so sorry for coming over a bit dahhh:D

18-Jun-09, 20:14
Millbank is opposite the swimming pool in Thurso right next to the free church. Louise that has just moved to the Park Hotel is very good at waxing as well as all your other beauty treatments.

19-Jun-09, 10:35
angelas hairdressers if wick are really good, give you exactlly what you ask for and reasonably priced too! you can usually get an appointment fairly quick too.:D

19-Jun-09, 16:23
Headlines in Wick girls are really helpful and will do what you want:D

21-Jun-09, 21:25
Gillian's is really good for your eyebrows. 606814.

21-Jun-09, 23:01
Nelia that works in Halkirk salon is really good. Very popular. She used to work for Milbank salon in thurso but has moved to halkirk now.

24-Jun-09, 21:20
I recommend Erna and Jo at Millbank for hairdressers, they always do a cracking job IMO.

Highland lad
26-Jun-09, 11:49
We have tried a few Hairdressers in Thurso. We had one really brilliant one at Hair at 21 but she moved away :cry:. Went to them again and the young lassie made a mess of our hair, didn't go back. Tried Hair.Com and it was fine to start with then we noticed that our hair was cut really squint. Went to Millbank and they made a total mess of it. Now we don't know where to go. All we want is someone to cut in a straight line nothing fancy.

26-Jun-09, 13:02
Curl up and Dye in Wick is fantastic, (used to be Streaks Ahead) all the girls in there are fantastic, Amanda does my hair and all I can say is that she is fantastic, I just let her do whatever she want's to my hair and I have never been disappointed but she will do whatever you want too.
I lived in Yorkshire for 2 years and used to go to a Mark Riley hairdressers (charged me 170 for a cut and colour by the top stylist and I was never that happy with the outcome) I am very particular about my hair and I cannot rate Curl up and Dye highly enough.
There number is 01955 605105

26-Jun-09, 21:48
Nelia in Halkirk Is really good. She has been cutting my family hair for years and we have never had any problems. She is always recomended by everyone i speak to. She keeps up to date with all the new syles of hair cuts,is always very happy and welcoming person which makes a difference aswell. I think it shows how good she is when is non stop every day. Give her a try and see how you get on. Shop number is 831682.

Hope u have some success. GOOD LUCK:)