View Full Version : Sylvanian Families??

16-Jun-09, 13:35

I am thinking of buying a Sylvanian Families house (Willow Hall) and getting some rabbits/furniture etc but before i go ahead i wanted to see if anyone already has this? Is it good for the kids?

Its looks great but quite expensive so i dont want to buy something that never gets played with!

Many thanks in advance

(Also if anyone is keen on selling any accessories give me a shout!)

Alice in Blunderland
17-Jun-09, 19:26
My kids have The Grand Hotel and the house they get hours of fun out of it. The small bits are a right pain and you have to be carefull with them. I am starting to glue things down ie knifes forks etc.

All in all its great as the kids buy small things to add to the collection. They bought the car a couple of weeks ago.

They play with the stuff in the house and out their imagination goes wild.. :eek:

I would say if the kids are into that sort of thing then go for it. :)