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14-Jun-09, 10:19
Went there the other day for some 6" concrete blocks would have been a couple of loads on my trailer but the Guy said no probs We will deliver them to your door. gave me a good deal on bags of cement too. they had delivered before we got home Blocks stacked in the Drive and cement sitting covered at my shed door (pitty id left the door locked). Most of all cheaper than two other local Quotes. Thanks

14-Jun-09, 20:38
We recomend them as well, both great guys, very helpfull, deff. go back again.

20-Jun-09, 15:17
will use there service again

21-Jun-09, 15:30
Wheres their shop ??
Anyone have their phone number??

24-Jun-09, 10:49
There shop is up in the industrial estate in Caithness Chemicals old yard. Not sure of the phone number i'm afraid.
I'd highly recommend them. Great service, I use them the whole time now instead of going to Gillock, they have most things you need and their prices are excellent. :)

27-Jun-09, 20:06

Are they on the Industrial Estate up near the airport???
Will drop in next week and have a look rather than going to Gillock...

Alice in Blunderland
27-Jun-09, 23:47

Are they on the Industrial Estate up near the airport???
Will drop in next week and have a look rather than going to Gillock...

Thats where they are. We had them recommended to us and they were very good. All the stuff we bought was delivered when we asked for it and the price was good. Very helpfull staff. :)

29-Jun-09, 15:17
cheapest prices around....with excellent customer care....

30-Jun-09, 20:02
cheapest prices around....with excellent customer care....
yes, they are very nice and very helpful, their price is cheaper than the others

08-Jul-09, 14:20
Caithness Building Supplies
Airport Industrial Estate

Tel: 01955 608 929

09-Jul-09, 22:57
We went here for the first time a couple of days ago. Very reasonably priced. Will go back again.:)

Kevin Milkins
06-Aug-09, 12:06
Can't fault them, good service,very helpful and polite,plus competative. What else can you ask for?

I wish them every success in there new venture.

17-Aug-09, 01:55
I found them very helpful and they delivered straight away, will be back again very soon.

28-Sep-09, 20:04
great prices great service best of luck

wavy davy
31-Jul-10, 13:20
Just like to add my recommendation for these guys. They've just finished fitting new PVCu windows and a door to my Mum's house. First class job; came when they said they would, minimum mess, great materials and workmanship and many hundreds of pounds less than other quotes. She's well chuffed. Definitely recommend giving them a ring if you're after new windows.

31-Jul-10, 13:48
They are great guys, really go out of their way to help and they're cheap.