View Full Version : Windows Media Player Corrupt

12-Jun-09, 10:53
Hi am in need of some help trying to fix this,problem is i cant view,add or delete any thing from my library.Tried the fixes i found on the net to no avail am thinking about un-installing and re-installing,but heres the thing i stream from the WMP to my xbox 360 and when this problem happened my 360 stopped working also(getting an error message E 64 which is a firmware error code)had a little look into this and it seems to be an error that people who mod thier 360's are succsetible too.I have'nt modded mine,any one have any ideas on both of these issues? Are they related or is it just coincidence that has screwed me?

15-Jun-09, 13:25
I don't know about the Xbox issue but I'd look to reinstall Windows Media Player first and foremost, assuming you haven't done that already.