View Full Version : Wickers World 2009

12-Jun-09, 09:16
I know we had a long thread last year about Wickers World, but just wanted to say we were there yesterday for breakfast and it was lovely. All freshly cooked and plenty of it with two slices of toast and tea included.

Some new staff faces, but all as friendly as the rest, and nothing too much trouble.

Hope they do good trade this summer, at least now folk know where they are with their lovely new shop front signs.

Alice in Blunderland
17-Jun-09, 19:29
I love their chicken mayo baguettes mmmm yummy. :)

Have lunch there with hubby quite often.

18-Jun-09, 15:52
I noticed on a few occasions there were hospital staff at Wickers World, usually undecided about which items of home baking to try. Last time they chose a different item each, cut them up and passed the bits around the other three in the company.

It`s good to see the locals patronising a cafe regularly to sustain them during the lean winter months.