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13-Mar-06, 10:15
Just heard on Sky Sports news that former Celtic & Scotland Legend Jimmy Johnstone has died today after suffering a long illness.
R.I.P Jinky

13-Mar-06, 10:48
Really sorry to hear that, RIP Jinky :cry:

13-Mar-06, 11:05
He suffered from Motor Neuron disease for several years now. A terrible way for such an energetic and fit man to go.

He was one of our greatest players.

13-Mar-06, 11:07
always a gentleman RIP Jinky

13-Mar-06, 13:00
RIP Jinky, U were one of our greatest players and will always be remembered

The Pepsi Challenge
13-Mar-06, 14:45
I hope, just like the Belfast funeral for George Best, that all religions will gather and commemorate Jinky in a dignified manner. The greatest Celt ever, in my opinion. Rest in peace wee man.

13-Mar-06, 15:47
Dont see any problems with that pepsi, I was on followfollw site when it was announced,and there were hundred of my fellow Bears paying tribute to Jinky. He may have played for our Arch rivals but We all appreciate what a magnificent player he was, Id say he was to celic what jim baxter was to Rangers.
God has got some team up in Heaven now eh ? Best Baxter Cooper Johnstone Matthews,Not a bad team up front

13-Mar-06, 16:06
A King on the wing.
An expert exponent of arguably the most exciting component of football. The jinking run down the wing, the effective cross, or cutting in to shoot for goal.
Rest in Peace JJ.

The Pepsi Challenge
13-Mar-06, 16:23
You're right willowbear, those on Follow Fascism were indeed paying praise to Jinky.
Jim Baxter was a legend, a great footaballer, and a fine gentleman. Celtic rightly commemorated his passing three times. I've no doubt Rangers fans will, too, before their next game.

Cedric Farthsbottom III
13-Mar-06, 16:44
I had the honour o' meeting the late great Davie Cooper about 20 years ago at a Scotland team training session at ma home town in Ayrshire.After getting his autograph,me and a few o' ma mates asked him about his heroes.Jinky Johnstone was the first name he mentioned.I can just see the two of them now playing keepie-up wi one another talking about the days o' legends.:grin:

14-Mar-06, 02:14
Willowbankbear, I think you summed it up nicely. An Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman who all played on the wing.
I certainly wouldn't like to try and choose between them and I suspect any discussion about them would never arrive at a definite conclusion either.

Jimmy Johnstone was certainly one of the all time greats. His skill showed at a time when defenders gave no quarter.
It doesn't matter which Club or National Team you support, some players you just have to admire, and Wee Jimmy was one of those players.

14-Mar-06, 16:40
Rest In Paradise, wee man. Never forgotton.

14-Mar-06, 21:23
I wonder what sort of transfer fee Jinky would command in today's market, assuming he was at the peak of his powers? When you have players like Beckham, who seems little more than a free-kick specialist, and other one-trick wonders commanding multi-million pound fees, it makes you think what a true genius might be worth.

They don't make footballers like Jimmy anymore. Great memories!!

14-Mar-06, 23:24
Goodnight godbless. Jinky