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11-Jun-09, 00:18
I do not seem to have the pound sign operating on my keyboard. This is what I get on the key that should give me the pound sign # also the @ key gives me " and the " key gives me@. Anyone any idea how to sort this?

11-Jun-09, 00:38
You need to change the keyboard language from US to UK.

To do this in Windows XP, click Start then click Control Panel, then double click the Regional & Language Options icon. Click the languages tab, then click the Details button, click the Add button and find the English (United Kingdom) in the drop-down list, then click the OK button. Now click the English (US) language & click the Remove button to get rid of it, finally click the OK button & your keyboard should behave itself.

I'm not sure of the various options in Vista at the moment so if you have that then maybe someone else can post the exact clicks to do.

11-Jun-09, 19:26
Bob's right. Your keyboard is set to the US. On Vista it's Start->Control Pane->Regional and Language Options->Keyboard and Languages (tab)->Change Keyboards (button) and make sure that the Default Input Language is set for United Kingdom and that in the Installed Services section that the English United Kingdom language is installed (if not, click Add to install it).

12-Jun-09, 00:30
Thanks folks. I seem to have solved the problem with your help.