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10-Jun-09, 10:32
My wee minx of a collie wont share the bones with Scorrie.

He's twice her size and could flatten her with one sweep of the paw but he just cant seem to get his bone back from her once we've gone inside.

Needless to say all he does is bark to let us know she's knicked his bone again.

They're worse than kids.:(

Tilly Teckel
10-Jun-09, 10:51
My doggies are great with everything.. food, toys, treats, everything expcept bones! For some reason these are the one thing that they get really possessive about. I've tried all ways to make them share fairly and stop stealing from each other but to no avail. All I can do is take the nicked bone back from the thief in question, tell them off and give it back to its rightful owner (only to have it nicked again 5 minutes later!). Good luck! ;)

10-Jun-09, 11:22
If you have 3 or 4 bones about then there is always one available... it makes it less important to secure the bone and eventually stops the one higher in the ranking order to snatch them back.
We have 3 dogs and about 10 bones.... no snatching whatsoever, although there is the odd quibble over one particular bone, because the grass is always greener on the other side.....

I wouldn't interfere, in a dog world there is no rightful owner of a bone other than the higher ranking dog, unless they don't want it...

10-Jun-09, 11:53
I would say that having plenty of bones to go around is a great idea, unless you have a dog who only wants something when the other dog has it. Then it doesn't work LOL. Dogs are just like children!

10-Jun-09, 12:58
Just now they've got two of those big "jurasic park" bones you can get in the pet shop,

Madame has them both but wants none.[disgust]

10-Jun-09, 13:15
No, no, she does, maybe, later...
The more you take one away from her the more she will want to guard them.

Buy a third, leave her to it for a couple of days and eventually she will give up guarding all three.

It's hard work to guard bones all the time, she will hopefully stop doing it if nobody prompts her to do it.

I have the same problem when I buy new bones. The novelty wears off after a few days and as the bones get less important (because they are always available) the guarding gets less. After a week I fall over the bones because they only get picked up by the dogs when they feel like it...