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10-Jun-09, 09:42
Just wondered if anyone has any ideas ............. I receive emails from my website through Microsoft Outlook my ISP is AOL and I can't seem to send emails or reply to the ones that come in through Microsoft Outlook. It is a real pain because I have to reply to emails through my AOL email account. I think it must be the way it is set up as it was ok when Tiscali was my ISP but I can't seem to work out how to do it!

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

10-Jun-09, 10:16
In your Outlook mail account settings, do you have your SMTP server set as smtp.aol.com?

Tools > Email Accounts > View or change exising accounts > Select account > Change

You also need to set it to use port 587 I think. Usually, it's set to port 25 but you can change it in the More Settings > Advanced tab.

11-Jun-09, 09:28
Thanks I'll give it a go!