View Full Version : caravan parks

09-Jun-09, 23:20
is there any caravan parks that anyone can recommend in Dunkeld or areas like that. Trying to find one for a a friend.

10-Jun-09, 13:10
Hi i've got a friend that can't see past the caravan park at Creiff, i haven't been myself but she says its fab. Don't know if thats any use? :)

10-Jun-09, 17:43
if you can get the number from your friend that will be great :D send me a pm or whatever

20-Jun-09, 15:19
got everything there

20-Jun-09, 15:35
There used to be a terrible one in Dunkeld. We went there once but we left after an hour because it was dirty and noisy and there were dozens of kids running wild. It might have closed down because I can't find any mention of it. I've never stayed in the one by the river because it was full on the two occasions we tried to stay there.

The big one at Blair Atholl is quite pleasant.

There's a good one down by the river in Killin if you want to venture a bit further west.