View Full Version : DVD & CD drives kaput!

12-Mar-06, 18:20
I have a two year old Packard-Bell set up. I noticed yesterday that the DVD Rom& CD r/w drives have somehow been disabled/disconnected. I doubt this will be an external problem, more likely within the gubbins of the thing itself.

I'm faced with some heavy cash outlay at the moment and unless this is something simple I can live without both these drives, for a while anyway. Any ideas what it could be?

12-Mar-06, 20:00
Have you looked at your Device Manager in the control panel.
You may have problems with your drivers, this will allow you to reinstall drivers.

17-Mar-06, 14:59
HI there it might be a loose cable in the back of the drive is not registering the device properly. If you are semi technically minded carefully remove the sidepannel of the computer while it is switched off and unplugged from the mains and gently make sure all cables are firmly secured into there retrospective drives. Failing this it could be the ide cable itself is defective. If you require a spare Cdrom Drive cable email me at dissvowed@hotmail.com and i will send you one in the mail. Hope this can help you out :grin: