View Full Version : Intermitant trouble with IE

08-Jun-09, 22:51
When I log on to a few of my favorites the Daily Record web site for instance, and Edinburgh airport web site also, Internet Explorer starts playing up. It tells me that " Internet Explorer has stopped working" and follows up with this message "A problem caused the programme to stop, Windows will close this programme and notifiy you if a solution is found". And then closes the programme down.
This is a bit annoying, this does not happen when I log on to Firefox, can anyone help?

09-Jun-09, 07:56
Hey Golach,
It probably on of the add-ons you have installed for IE, try disabling them and going into IE. If you are running vista you can goto start/programs/accessories/system tools and runn IE without any addon from there.
Else goto your control panel and open Internet Options. Click on the Programs tab along the top, the click on the button Manage Add-ons. You can then click on an addon and disable it. I would start with any addons not published by Microsoft, Sun Microsystems or Adobe. Keep disabling add-ons until you find the one that is crashing out.