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08-Jun-09, 21:40
Everytime I google something using my google toolbar in firefox it never goes straight to the page I request

I managed to copy the address it first jumps to which is


then it jumps to www.abcjump.com

I've run a full virus scan and have up-to-date internet security but I feel my browser has been invaded, any ideas??

11-Jun-09, 19:31
If you remove the Google Toolbar does it work fine?

11-Jun-09, 19:49
I've stopped using the Google Toolbar and just use the search box along side the url box in firefox (still google), it worked fine for a couple of days but now it's going to those two sites again.

My anti-virus prog encountered a good few trojans etc.. the other day but sorted them all out, has this caused the problem do you think? I've done a full in-depth scan but it finds nothing.

11-Jun-09, 19:51
What antivirus software are you using?

11-Jun-09, 20:30
McAfee Security Centre

11-Jun-09, 20:34
McAfee Security Centre

Try scanning your computer with another scanner as McAfee in my experience isn't great. Try VIPRE Rescue (http://live.sunbeltsoftware.com/) (120MB download but runs quickly) or ESET Online Scanner (http://www.eset.co.uk/ThreatCenter/OnlineScanner) (no download but isn't as fast at scanning) and see what it finds. My guess is that McAfee didn't find it all or that it may have left something that allowed more to come back.

Does this happen only in Firefox or also in IE?

While you're waiting for the scan, have a read at this (http://www.cio.com/article/494753/Symantec_McAfee_to_Pay_Fines_Over_Auto_Renewals).

11-Jun-09, 21:32
VIPRE rescue is scanning now....

14-Jun-09, 17:25
My problems were due to a rootkit virus, it was blocking any and every attempt to update my anti-virus, windows update and any attempts to download anti-rootkit software was also blocked, fortunately I managed to download 'malwarebytes' which zapped the baddies and I'm not back up and running normally, I had no idea I had a virus!

15-Jun-09, 13:18
Did VIPRE Rescue not find the rootkit? What rootkit was it?