View Full Version : The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Gene Hunt
08-Jun-09, 20:00
Just watched this and after all the mixed reviews I was a bit dubious. Glad to say it is a brilliant piece of film that is genuinely touching and well worth a look. The story of a man who ages backwards is really well done in my view, the story is well told and the effects of Brad Pitt's ageing are really well done. You know effects are good when you dont question what you see on the screen. It had been compared a bit to Forrest Gump and there is one line in it that is almost identical to one in the Gump movie. Look out for the scene in the cafe with a pregnant woman .. ;) .. And the "lightning guy" will raise a giggle .. :cool:

Women will love this. So if you are planning to butter the girlfriend or wife up for a romantic encounter this would be perfect. This film did make me think about the things you take for granted in life and it is undoubtedly sad at the end. It really is a film worth watching. And if you buy it on Blu Ray it is one of the very best examples of picture and sound quality I have seen so far.

Gets the Gene Hunt "Buy it or I will come round your house and stamp on all your toys" seal of approval.

percy toboggan
11-Jun-09, 07:47
It's a hugely enjoyable film and tells an extremely original, if tall tale.
Brilliant effects handle the ageing processes both up and down the years.
An uber cool Brad Pitt on an old Indian Scout motor 'sickle had Mrs.T swooning and that was just the bike!

Time passes quickly in this long, long movie - perhaps the best recommendation of all. If it's now out on dvd - we saw it at a Dundee cinema in February - then it's one to buy.

12-Jun-09, 17:53
i loved this film. I wasnt sure how it would pan out when i saw the trailers, but im so glad i watched it. I cant beleive it didnt do better during the awards season, and have to say i found it a far superior film to slumdog millionaire which seems to scoop everything..

Benjamin was robbed!

oh, i agree with you about the end.... floods of tears!!