View Full Version : I now want to uninstall Vista but can't

07-Jun-09, 15:36
Hi. I'd appreciate some help with the following:

I've always had Vista on my C drive. (The HDD is partioned into 3 - C, D and E).

For the past few weeks I've had 'dual boot' - Vista and Windows7. Although I installed Win7 on D drive, it shows as being on C when I boot Win7 (with Vista having moved to D...).

I am now happy with Win7 and want to remove Vista. But when I boot into Win7 and try to format the D drive (where Vista now is) I get an error message - "Windows was unable to complete the format". I am left with 2 folders in D drive - 'Windows' and 'Program files' but neither can be deleted.

I've done a fair amount of online searching but cannot find a solution as to how I remove Vista and free up my D drive. Any assistance gratefully received!

07-Jun-09, 17:36
The reason you cannot format the drive is because it contains the boot sector information. you could try googling how to move the boot sector to another drive. below is a link but that is based on vista.


07-Jun-09, 19:20
That's me sorted - thanks for your input.