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07-Jun-09, 06:56
Following on from the other thread here is my review of the BAlti house.

Started with the Chicken Pakora, very flavoursome, right amount of spice but it was very very greasy.A shame as the chicken was succulent and the flavour right,lose the grease gain the taste!!!!

Next up was Lamb Dhansak, what can I say? It blew me away, I normally go to K2 but this dish was excellent.I heard they had new chefs so checked them out and must admit I was amazed.
Normally their food has been wrong on so many levels but hats off to their new crew.The dhansak was perfectly balanced with heat and flavour,just the right amount of sweetness.As an improvement I would have to say at least 500% on their previous efforts.

Next up Bombay Aloo, it was spot on Tatties cooked perfectly right balance of spice, a joy to eat.

Overall I would say a MASSIVE improvement on their previous efforts.
I would definitley recommend a visit their as the food is alot better than previous.I didnt expect too much but 4 of us ate the meals and all agreed it was excellent.I would definitley go back,so while we may have a new one in Wick why not give them another try, you might be pleasantly surprised.

20-Jun-09, 15:22
if so i would not eat there its just awful