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06-Jun-09, 12:56
what is the history of building that used to be in meadow lane thurso before flats were built? beeen trying to find out. can anyone help?

06-Jun-09, 14:40
Think it was a brewery, not a distillery, and it caused an uproar when it was demolished. John O`Groat Journal archive should be able to help you.

06-Jun-09, 15:06
It was a brewery....had been disused for many many years though. Have heard that when O'Briens cleared it out before demolishing for the flats there were a fair few unused coffins in the building!!!

06-Jun-09, 15:57
It wasn't even the brewery that was left, merely the grain store. Good riddance to it, was delighted to see the back of the eyesore!

The Loafer