View Full Version : Anyone seen "dead man's shoes?"

05-Jun-09, 19:39
OMG - got this out the other night and still thinking about bits of it now.

Brilliantly filmed. Great acting. Heart pounded in parts and as said, definately left an impact. Some bits left me crying with laughter. Other bits just left me crying.

Not for the faint hearted (18 cert), but worth a watch if you like life-like drama.

05-Jun-09, 21:02
Saw this on TV after the boyfriend told me to watch it with him as he knew how great the film is.

Definitely a film that has an impact on people when they watch it. Gives you many mixed emotions and one that you think of a lot after seeing it.

percy toboggan
06-Jun-09, 13:53
A superb film. Shot in and around Matlock, Derbyshire.
Powerfully depressing.

06-Jun-09, 14:22
same guy who did this is england

very good director knows how to catch emotion