View Full Version : Rats for snake

05-Jun-09, 14:33
Looking for someone who i can buy rats from for feeding a corn snake ? Or does anyone know of a decent web site that when you buy from they dont arrive defrosted !! Cheers folks x

05-Jun-09, 19:28
I always used to breed my own. At least you know then what they had to eat and can feed them on loads of healthy stuff to keep your snake healthy.

I might be starting to breed again later this year if you are still interested...

05-Jun-09, 19:33
i have adult rats that have bred for me, but for some reason they have not bred in about 6 months. i thought rats bred all year round.
its really annoying, as i just had to order some of ebay for the snakes

05-Jun-09, 19:35
i use this site, very rare the stuff arrives defrosted :)


05-Jun-09, 21:22
Just no keen on breedin them myself yet an besides i dinna really have the room ! i will try that web site though thank you tugmistress and yes i will be interested if you start breeding again stefan Thank you
Do they take long to arrive from that site cause i am in a bit of a hurry for them now ! Thought i had some left but i dinna

05-Jun-09, 22:09
hey when you get the rats from a website are they dead? dead and frosted?:confused Really curious bout it lol

05-Jun-09, 22:16
yes they come dead and usually frozen if the courier is good

05-Jun-09, 22:33
cheers, had to ask lol

05-Jun-09, 22:41
Dinna think the courier would be too impressed when the rats chewed their way out hahahahahaha